Ambreen Hasan
Pastry Chef/Owner

Ambreen’s love for baking blossomed while growing up in Pakistan. While she trained and practiced as a chemical engineer in New Jersey, she baked for family and friends on the side. After she baked her sister’s wedding cake from scratch in her small apartment kitchen, she realized her true passion is — baking. She went through formal training at the esteemed French Culinary Institute in NYC, and quickly gained experience at various NYC restaurants, bakeries, and the Saveur Magazine as a test cook. Upon moving to Massachusetts, a fortunate stroke of serendipity brought more opportunities at the famed Finale Bakery, among others, before landing as Head Pastry Chef at a local Westwood bakery called Bibi Cafe and Bakery.

From offering culinary arts courses at Westwood Public Schools to serving as Lead Chef/Instructor at Sur La Table, Ambreen believes in giving back to the community. In 2020, driven by her passion for preserving family recipes, Ambreen embarked on a year-long project to curate and recreate treasured family recipes. You can find this labor of love in published form, titled “Family on a Plate”.

The Alchemist Baker is Ambreen’s dream come true. No boxed items! No added preservatives! Just simple, unprocessed, all-natural ingredients. At this family-owned bakery, each item is made from scratch to transform basic everyday ingredients into baked masterpieces.

For me that smell when you walk into a real bakery is almost as important as the taste. It is all about real people using real ingredients to make magic.


Ambreen’s mission is to push the boundaries of what you expect from your neighborhood bakery while offering the classics you know and love.

For the love of scones, come and introduce yourselves. Delight in the many flaky, flavorful, and moist pastries that go any time of day – breakfast or evening, with coffee or tea.  We look forward to seeing you.